My name is Jani and below are pictures of a part of my presscamera collection. Most of the cameras are still under work. Every now and then I'll add new cameras and pictures of its' repair and restoration process, user reviews and other interesting information about them. Just click on the pictures below.
None of these cameras are for sale.
I am always looking for additions to my collection, so if you have something that might interest me please let me know.

From here you can send me a message

LATEST UPDATE 27.9.2014 more cameras added
Goerz Anschuetz Deluxe

APeM presscamera by APM
 FR-Reporter  Earlier Panros Camera
Contessa-Nettel Deckrullo
Goerz Anschuetz presscamera
 Ensign Focal Plane CameraFirst series of Rolleiflex Automat
Graflex RB Series B
Thornton-Pickard presscamera
Two modified Zeiss Minimum Palmos Cameras
Graflex Speed Graphic
ICA Minimum Palmos 6X9 Busch Pressman
Timer release by Ferdax
Watkins Bee Meter
Simmons Omega 120
Diaphot lightmeter by ICA
Plaubel Makina III
Mentor Klapp
Magnesium flash, maker unknown
Van Neck presscamera
Rokuoh-sha / pre-Konica
Contax II by Zeiss Ikon
Flashgun by Zeiss Ikon
Peckham Wray
Wooden tripod made by Ica Zeiss Ikon Nettel presscamera Thornton Pickard
Dallmeyer Speed camera Houghton-Butcher Pressman Dawe Instruments Universal camera
Ernemann Klapp Ihagee Zweiverschluss Duplex Leica IIIc
Dallmeyer Press Camera SLR Panros 1910 by Ross of London Kalart Presscamera
An Unknown maybe a French camera Ihagee Zweiverschluss
10x15 /stereo?
Printex 6x9
Pressmaster presscamera Ihagee Sport 9x12 Voiglšnder Klapp
Mamiya C330S Mamiya 23 Standard A bunch of other cameras
Plaubel Makina I Busch's Roia

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