This beast is a big one, it is Mentor Klapp for plate size 13x18 cm. As typical the shutter curtain is dried and some of the wooden panels especially in the lens standard has small hair cracks in it though the cracks are not thru the panel... only on the surface.
This feature of cracking in a certain way seems to be dependent on the wood of type of treatment as not all do this, but it is more consistent problem with specific manufacturers.
Oveall the engineering and the finish quality is really good. I haven't still decided if I will make this a user again or not, but I wish someone would make cameras like this now.
Imagine the huge filmsize in a very lightweight package and easy to fold away design with relatively good ergonomics... this would be a dream... plus some movements for the lens.
Behind this link is more about the manufacturer Mentor located in Dresden Germany.  In the pictures below you can see the type of solid rigid struts used by Mentor in it's cameras. If comparing these struts to the other types used I would say that these are among the most rigid, foolproof and easiest to use ones. The bellows are unofortunately of the more simple type that has a tendency to deteriorate in the seams and folds... but surpisingly often still is lightproof. Enjoy the pics.

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