Despite there already is a Minimum Palmos on my website I added these too as they show a trend that was popular in early decades of 20th century. I have seen numerous modifications of  Minimum Palmos, Contessa Nettel, Goerz and other cameras. Sometimes even 2 or 3 have been torn apart and best bits and parts combined to be one camera. Sometimes it seems to have been done to save money by using old broken devices to make at least one functional camera. Sometimes these modifications have been made due to wanting to improve the existing camera. These two cameras below are from the milder end of mods, but I am on the look for the most extreme modified one I can find. The camera below is a 9x12 sized Minimum palmos where a custom framefinder, an additional shutter and lens and a modified back has been added. The other camera below is a 6x9 sized Minimum Palmos which has a flash sync added, and finders are a bit modified. Funnily enough despite all mods and the cameras looking not so good, they are both functional cameras. I just need to clean them up.. some CLA and take photos with them.

These cameras were the best professional Nikons and Canons of their time... though I doubt anyone now would take best parts of a Canon and combined them with the best parts of a Nikon top model.

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