This camera is a Peckham-Wray presscamera designed by Cyril Peckham. The background of air photography is obivious when holding this device. It has a focal plane shutter and with some lenses it also has a leaf shutter at the lens. Aiming is done mainly using the wireframe finder and there is no rangefinder: But you can focus the center of the image using a small mirror that folds down from the side to the middle of the lens hole and look at the image from the round viewfinder in the middle of the camera topcover. I have heard some comments about this camera being something really special among presscameras, but it really is not with the exception of the small mirror idea and some small details. It is quite bulky, heavy and not at all so easy to use... I would prefer to carry a Speed Graphic with me if I had to choose.  I would definitely like to compare this to the similar style metal box 4x5" inch Printex to see which is more usable.

In the image below you can see the SLR style viewfinder for accurate focusing of the center of the picture.

In the picture below you can see the small mirror used to help in focusing the subject based on the center of the image. The button to lower the mirror is under my thumb.

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