This page is about maybe presscameras. I own more cameras then are on this pages and this space is usually meant for my spesific collection only. However I have seen these cameras used professionally... I mean I have seen pictures of professionals using these cameras with correct kind of accessory to warrant the name presscamera.
First below is my Linhof Technika. It is a very late model version of Linhof III. I was a bit worn out and with bad bellows so I decided to do some mods to it. Of course as you can see in the pics, I put in new waterproof red bellows and at the same time made the same attachment system to bellows as is in Linhof Technika IV with screws rather then glue. I also put new Nikon lens to it and modded the front door so that I can close the camera completely with bigger newer lenses. Also there were some other individual parts that were worn out or broken and I had to make new replacement parts for them... in some cases I change the material to better ones. I understand why people talk about the amazing quality and workmanship etc, but it does not show itself in this version. Yes, some parts are well made and good quality material, but some are obvious attempts to make things less costly and  there are some quite bad design choices which were corrected only in the model IV. However after some modifications and repairs, it became a nice little though not so lightweight package for 4x5" fotography.

Also changed some leather to rubber to places where original leather was most worn out and then recoated the old leather to make it look like new.


The camera below is a Zeiss Ikon Trona of the more rare small size meant for the British markets. I have seen quite a few pictures where cameras similar to this has been equipped with a rangefinder and a flashgun with a sync and suddenly it becomes a very nice compact large format presscamera. Definitely smaller and lighter then most others and still does all what was needed by photog at the time. Based on what I see in the chassis of this camera, it was probably more modified at some point so I will probably try to make it again the presscamera it probably once was.

Next is my Pentax Spotmatic. I actually have used this camera a lot with few different lenses. It is a nice camera and often goes with me when there is a chance of something trying to damage the camera. It just keeps on going no matter what. Only time I got it in a non functional state was in an island during winter when water was still open but it was -35 degrees celsius outside. The camera was coated with ice formed by water coming in with waves and as moisture from air and of course I could not do anything as it became a chunk of ice. After chopping of the ice layer... it again worked.
A very very robust camera in my opinion.

And as last but not least. Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta III with a Tessar lens, a coupled rangefinder and an automatic film loading and counter mechanism.
When I got this camera, it was practically new, no signs of use almost at all. It has followed me on almost any trip or travelling in different countries for many years and has never failed me. The quality of the pictures is amazing and so is the ease of use. This is the camera that most often follows me. Again I wish someone would make a camera like this now... especially digital one.

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