This camera is a Contessa-Nettel Deckrullo presscamera. It's filmsize is 10*15 cm. In the back it has a plateholder magazine for 12 plates. Plates are changed by pulling outwards from the handle and then pushing it back. This camera is very heavy and in my opinion not very good for hand held shots and let's imagine the big magnesium flash added to this camera which makes it even more heavier. Or an optional tele-bellows and lens which nearly doubles the length of the camera. The shutter mechanism in these early deckrullo cameras was and is still a nightmare to repair. The shutter mechanism is also quite unreliable due to the functionality of the focalplane shutter being partly based on friction. Also though not apparent in these pictures, the strut mechanism isn't as sturdy as it might seem.

I finally got the shutter to work. Now that I got it fully working I have started to understand why it was designed like this. I recently got myself a Contax II and a repair manual for it. When examining the Contax and reading thru the manual, I noticed that the Contax II's shutter is a descendant of the deckrullo shutter. Also some of the problems with deckrullo have been fixed with Contax II. The idea behind this shutter is great,  but there is one thing that mainly causes most of the problems with this kind of a shutter and it is the shutter curtain ribbons. The material used in the ribbons has to be exactly the same as used originally, otherwise there either is not enough friction or too much of it. Also with time and use the ribbons wears out and lose their friction and cause the shutter gap not to stay closed when
winding the shutter.
Here is a link to thumbnails of pictures taken during repair of the shutter.

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