This camera is a German Ernemann Klapp strut camera. It is equipped with the usual focalplane shutter and a folding viewfinder on top. There is also a 10 plate magazine attached to the back of the camera. This was a quite typical outfit of it's time for a pressphotog or any photographer needing a camera that can be used quickly and take pictures of fast moving objects. The strutmechanism is the same kind as in ApEM and Thornton Pickard presscameras. The workmanship is very good and I can very well understand why Ernemanns are so sought after cameras. This camera is very worn and it looks like it has been used very much in it's time. The main reason why I bought this in addition to it being a presscamera, is the fact that I found it in the country I live in. Here these kinds of cameras are quite rare as they were expensive in their time and most people here were very poor in the early 20th century.

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