This camera is Plaubel Makina III made in Germany. It's filmsize is 6x9 cm and the Rada rollfilm back I have attached to it uses 120 rollfilm. Makina cameras were very popular among pressphotogs and after using this camera for a while I can easily understand why it was so popular. I'll start with the lenses. In these pictures there is an Anticomar 2,9/10 cm attached to the camera. The lenses can be changed in plaubel III, but some earlier models have a fixed lens that can't be changed. There are several lens choices for this camera, a wide-angle, faster normal(the anticomar in this camera), also there was a second "normal" lens which is a bit slower then the 2,9 model, but also a bit sharper. Then there was also several tele lenses and a close-up lens available. All of these lenses were and are still great preformers.

There was also available several filmbacks for Makinas, normal rollfilm sizes 6x9 etc, platefilms, GGS-back, and a filmback for 35mm film.  Makina III has 4 different aiming methods, rangefinder, parallax compensated smaller viewfinder, a larger framefinder and of course the GGS-back.  Shutter is located in the front panel and is separate from the lenses. Shutter has speeds from 1/200 to 1 sec. and also T and B settings. All other camera controls are also located on the front panel or the lens. Focusing is done with the knob that sticks out of the frontpanels side in the first picture. The lenshood in this camera is made so that you can attach filters into the back of the hood just by folding the hood away and screwing in place the filter under the hood and folding the hood back to it's place.

The ergonomics of this camera is great, although I have heard that the earlier Makinas were not so good at that. When using this camera it becomes very easily an extension of my hand and eyes. It has all the properties that I need when taking photos and also it feels so reliable that all the technical worries are gone when using it and I can just consentrate on taking pics. Most of the time I don't have to care about using slower shutter speeds and getting blurred pictures as this camera can be held so steady that there won't be any blurs even with the longer times. Also it folds into a very slim package and fits easily into a small bag.

This camera is a truly marvellous device, the designers of this camera should be proud of their work as they have fulfilled nearly every need a user of this camera might have. More text about using this camera and pics will come here later.



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