This is a Contessa Nettel Stuttgart Miroflex camera. It is with a shutter similar to the Contessa-Nettel and Zeiss Ikon Nettel presscameras. The biggest difference is that it has a reflex mirror and a viewing hood in addition to the normal framefinders. The camera can be used half closed like the normal Nettel presscameras, but with a push of a button the viewfinder hood is raised up and the mirror is lowered. A very nicely made compact package for a mirror reflex camera. The focusing is with the lense as the front standard cannot be moved for focusing like in the normal Nettel's. The shutter also has the same problems as the normal Nettels did. It also seems that Miroflex has more metal used in it then the Nettels. Based on the dials, it can be seen that this camera was assembled by Zeiss Ikon combining their own and Contessa-Nettels parts right after the merger of the companies.

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