Correction to earlier text, this camera was made by ICA of Germany and sold in Britain as Houghton-Butcher Pressman SLR. It is quipped with an Aldis Anastigmat 6" F4.5 lens. The plateholders inside the case still have plates inside them, maybe I will try to develop them some day to see if they were used. Pressman was a typical representative of a large format SLR of the early part of the 20th century. As usual with many presscameras of the time, this too is modified in a few places to better suite the purposes of the user. In some large SLR's there were as few knobs for using the camera as possible and in some it seemes there was as many as possible to put in a camera. Some liked to have access to everything in the camera and some liked it simple. This is a good example of the SLR with lots of knobs. Still with all the knobs this camera seems to be very straightforward and easy to use. As a speciality in this model there is a small window in the readside of the camera where one can see the current shutter settings without having to look at the knobs on the side.

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