This camera is a Thornton-Pickard presscamera. It is also a very well made camera just like the Apem presscamera. Please let me know if anyone has any idea about the year of manufacture. This camera has like most of the presscameras been modified somehow either at the factory or by a repairman and like in the case of Apem, most likely by the owner(the badly made  broken flash connector). The quality of the modifications is very variable but in this camera the modifications for the flash sync looks like they were probably made at the factory or a least by someone who knew what he was doing. Instead of framefinder, this camera has a hotshoe on top and aiming is done by guessing or using the groundglass back. Althought not shown in the pictures, there is also a rollfilm(120) back for this camera. Lens is a Ross Xpres.
Among the pictures below is one of the several pictures recovered from a 120 sized rollfilm found in the rollfilmback. This one is the only one where someone was posing that was not fogged too badly. If you recognise yourself or know who is the man in this picture, please let me know about it.

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